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The procedures for setting up a mirror of the KDE.org website are listed in the following page:


We are yet to have such a mirror in France so if you can set everything up as per the instructions above, we would be happy to list you as a mirror site (http://kde.org/webmirrors.html).

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Subject: Fwd: [Sysadmin] Hosting of a mirror

Anyone has info on this?

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Subject: [Sysadmin] Hosting of a mirror
Date: Wednesday 05 June 2002 12:00
From: "CHAILLAN Nicolas" <nicos at worldakt.com>
To: <sysadmin at office.kde.org>

Hi, I would like to mirror your website, we are a french company located in Paris, with a dedicated OC 3.
Are you interested?

Merci de nous avoir choisi. - Thanks you for your choice.
Nicos - CHAILLAN Nicolas
nicos at worldakt.com
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