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kwt kwt at
Mon Dec 30 19:54:22 UTC 2002

Dear webmaster:

I don't remember my password.  I don't submit bug reports very often.

I wish I did not have to log in to submit a report. I feel that logging in is 
like having a deep intimate relationship and I don't want to have to remember 
a password in order to give a report on somthing that will help us all down 
the line.

I wish the link for remembering the password would just email me my old 
password to the account I first logged in with.  Instead I get an email 
saying if I really want to change it then I have to submit my current one in 
order to change it to a new one. If I could remember what it was to change it 
then I could remember it to log in.

Why the secrecy?  If I or someone posing as me has asked to have the password 
for KDE bugs then what does it matter that I or someone posing as me has to 
log in to my own email in order to see your email to me for what the password 
is.  It seems ridiculous to me.  I can remember my own email password. I 
don't do bug reports often enough to memorize that password.  KDE should just 
email the password directly to the person not provide another link.

Sounds like sys ops who automatically reject emails because they have the word 
"Sales" in the email address.  That is ridiculous because legitimate 
companies use the word "sales" in their emails and spammers can figure out 
another way to send spam without using "sales" in their email address. Duh.  
They think they are being smart but they are wasting their time.

Could you please mail the KDE bug report password to watercrocus at

ps.  Kmail 1.4.3 bug report link claims it will put my system information into 
the web form, but it doesn't.  It takes me to a home page then login page and 
I have not seen my report filled out yet.

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