[kdiff3] [Bug 405918] INSTALL instructions don't work

Ross Boylan bugzilla_noreply at kde.org
Sun Mar 31 18:58:05 BST 2019


--- Comment #9 from Ross Boylan <Ross.Boylan at ucsf.edu> ---
Well, the message just says a package isn't installed.  The immediate point is
that the install instructions for kdiff3 are still incomplete.

I don't know if it's a kdiff3 or, more likely, a craft issue, but it seems odd
that craft doesn't go ahead and install the package nsis.

If the intent of the message from craft was that I should execute 'craft nsis',
that is not clear.  That phrase currently reads as an appositive for "nsis
package" NOT as an instruction.  Admittedly it doesn't quite make sense in that

On the theory that it was intended as an instruction (which for some reason
craft --package didn't want to execute) I executed 'craft nsis' and then
repeated the craft --package command.  I think this worked.

So does the line
mean that file is an installer for the kdiff3 I  previously built?

Here's the transcript of the final, --package, step:
*** Handling package: extragear/kdiff3, action: package ***
*** Action: package for extragear/kdiff3 ***
executing command:
C:\Users\rdboylan\Documents\src\CraftRoot\dev-utils\bin\7za.exe a -r
-bso2 -bsp1
executing command:
C:\Users\rdboylan\Documents\src\CraftRoot\dev-utils\bin\7za.exe a -r
-bso2 -bsp1

executing command:
C:\Users\rdboylan\Documents\src\CraftRoot\dev-utils\bin\makensis.exe /V3
MakeNSIS v3.03 - Copyright 1999-2018 Contributors
See the file COPYING for license details.
Credits can be found in the Users Manual.

Processing config:
Processing script file:
"C:\Users\rdboylan\Documents\src\CraftRoot\build\_\51b6ca1c\kdiff3.nsi" (ACP)

Processed 1 file, writing output (x86-ansi):

Install: 6 pages (384 bytes), 2 sections (1 required) (4144 bytes), 822
instructions (23016 bytes), 295 strings (5369 bytes), 1 language table (334
Uninstall: 2 pages (192 bytes), 1 section (2072 bytes), 328 instructions (9184
bytes), 163 strings (2735 bytes), 1 language table (254 bytes).
Datablock optimizer saved 1888 bytes (~0.0%).

Using zlib compression.

EXE header size:               63488 / 37888 bytes
Install code:                   5929 / 31663 bytes
Install data:               74342779 / 75050374 bytes
Uninstall code+data:           24201 / 28522 bytes
CRC (0x3C024D03):                  4 / 4 bytes

Total size:                 74436401 / 75148451 bytes (99.0%)
*** Craft package succeeded: extragear/kdiff3 after 5 minutes 14 seconds ***

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