Modifying source

Boylan, Ross Ross.Boylan at
Sat Mar 30 18:29:38 GMT 2019

If my changes are on a branch named mybranch, would the command be
craft --set version=mybranch kdiff3

Or does "version=master" just mean local rather than remote copy, so that as long as I have branch mymaster in the working directory (in the git sense) it will be built when I use version=master?


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Subject: Re: Modifying source

Hi Ross,

Best way is to work on git for those changes.
craft --set version=master kdiff3
A rebuild is then triggered with craft -i kdiff3, git sources are not reset.

Gperf is a binary package and has no sources, also packages restored from cache have no src dir.



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Subject: Modifying source

Supposing that someday I am able to build kdiff3 on Windows and I want to modify the source and rebuild, how do I do that?

I have a couple of concerns.  The first is that if I say craft kdiff3 the source will be refetched from the internet, so my changes would be irrelevant.

Second, I did cs gperf for a package that seemed to have been built correctly. The commmand  changed to a directory, but the directory was empty.
cb gperf attempted to change to a subdirectory of the one from cs; since it was empty, this failed.


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