State and plans for LibSnoreToast

Albert Vaca Cintora albertvaka at
Sat Mar 30 17:01:48 GMT 2019

Hi Hannah (+ KDE on Windows mailing list),

We would like to have a GSOC project this year to improve KDE Connect
on Windows. One of the main items for this GSOC is to integrate with
Windows' notifications API.

Since you have been working on it via SnoreToast and LibSnoreToast, I
would like to get a few pointers on what to do from you.

>From what I know, using the Windows notifications API is not that
simple: your app needs to be installed with a shortcut in the Start
Menu for it to work. I think this is the rationale behind having
SnoreToast: SnoreToast can be in the Start Menu and all apps just
create notifications through it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I've seen now, from one of our student's proposals, that there is also
LibSnoreToast. I guess this removes the need of having SnoreToast
running alongside your app, which is much better. Is this the case?
Also, is this library in a usable state?

Regarding LibSnoreToast: is it going to be a backend for
KNotifications, or is it something that should be used instead of
KNotifications? Ideally, I would love to be able to just use
KNotifications and get native Windows notifications. Is this possible,
or in your roadmap? Otherwise, maybe our GSOC student can help you on
this :)

And last, a technical question: Given that LibSnoreToast is a library,
how do you solve the problem of the app having to be in the Start
Menu? Do you just print a warning in debug builds saying that
notifications won't work unless the developer does this part? I think
that would be enough, and wouldn't require any change from the current
KNotifications API, but I don't know if this is your solution.

Sorry for making so many questions, and thanks a lot for your time!
Hopefully this GSOC project can benefit the entire KDE on Windows
ecosystem :)


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