Is it possible to use craft on Windows 8.1 (or 7)?

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Tue Dec 31 17:56:48 GMT 2019

On Wed, Jan 1, 2020 at 4:39 AM Thomas Friedrichsmeier
<thomas.friedrichsmeier at> wrote:
> On Tue, 31 Dec 2019 13:29:19 +0000
> Hannah von Reth <hannah at> wrote:
> > > Well, dependenciesgui (and dependencies.exe) are not working for me
> > > either, right now. Will try to figure out that one, later, AFK for a
> > > while, now.
> >
> > Oh yes they are shims to dev-util/dependencies/...
> >
> > Pls try invoking then directly.
> > In the next days I try a win8.
> I had already figured that much, however dependenciesgui.exe still
> failed, silently, and dependencies.exe claimed not to find ClrPhl.dll
> (or what it was called), even though that was in the same directory.
> Anyway: Success of sorts. Seeing that the kshimgen blueprint does not
> actually build from source, I just tried forcing it to download that
> win32-version, instead. And TA-DA! that works. (I.e. produces working
> shims; note that the system *is* 64bit).
> So now I just had to trick it into bootstrapping with that, and now I'm
> happily building packages (at least for the moment).

Out of curiosity Thomas, what in particular are you packaging?

I only ask because i've noticed that the stable Kdenlive installer we
distribute on isn't signed by us, which means it
isn't produced by the Binary Factory (yet a substantial number of the
files within it are, meaning they come from our cache).

Is there any reason for rebuilding Kdenlive yourself?

> Long story short: Whatever the cause of the problem, it does not affect
> the 32-bit build of kshimgen.
> Regards
> Thomas


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