Okular building help request

Hannah von Reth vonreth at kde.org
Fri Feb 26 08:13:26 UTC 2016

Hi Jonathan,
Emerge is the best way to build KDE applications on Windows.But we are not active in the forums, even the mailing list isn't that active.The best way to get support is to join our irc channel #kde-windows stay around and being patient.
You are right the patch errors are only warnings and applying the same patch again and a non essential fail of a patch .The real error seems to be somewhere between the patch error and the build failure.
You can run the build step independent from the rest by running "emerge -vvv --make qtbase".You can pipe the output of the build to a file like this "emerge -vvv --make qtbase 2>&1 > log.txt", we need a full log to help you to find the issue.
See you soon in our channel, I can't wait for an Okular installer :)


> To: kde-windows at kde.org
> From: jonathan at imatix.com
> Subject: Okular building help request
> Date: Fri, 26 Feb 2016 11:55:25 +1100
> Hello all,
> I've been trying to build a recent version of okular (and dependencies) 
> for Windows using a variety of methods, with only moderate levels of 
> success, and now putting out a cry for help. Here is a description of 
> what I have achieved, and where I have failed:
> kde-installer using mingw works fine, although I can only find a stable 
> release, ie version 0.16.2 of okular. I also managed to use 
> kde-installer under wine then build using mingw cross-compilation. I'm 
> pretty keen on cross-compilation as I want to produce regular builds of 
> work I am doing based on okular, and the fewer boxes I need to do this 
> the better. So if I could use get kde-installer to find an 'unstable' 
> release I'd be happy.
> I then tried using kdesrc-build with cross-compilation on the 
> kf5-minimum branch. I made quite a bit of progress here with just a few 
> patches and managed to get 47 out of 61 packages to build. Those that 
> wouldn't build all seemed to have problems with various QT5 cmake 
> configuration files, and my knowledge of cmake and qmake was just not 
> enough so I abandoned this path. I'd still love to make this work, so if 
> anyone feels like lending a hand, I'd be happy to pick it up again.
> So finally I gave in and tried to build under windows using emerge. 
> However my build fell apart with some kind of patch file problem that I 
> described (in the wrong place I'm guessing - 130 views and no responses) 
> here: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=107&t=131006 Once again I'm 
> a bit lost on how to proceed, and given that others seem to be able to 
> make emerge work, I'm hoping that someone can help with this problem.
> Many thanks,
> Jonathan
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