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El domingo, 5 de julio de 2015, Blackcrack <blackcrack at blackysgate.de>

>  Hi Peoples,
> did you know to be KDE4Win now in the AppManager of Reactos ?
> on start ask someone me, hey, should we developing KDE for Windows
> loud or in the background.. so direcktly, try to ask if it's well to try
> KDE direcktly in Reactos..
> (this was the time where i was personally an bit to much involved in
> Reactos
> and was an bit more troubles as is would be well *g* no matter *g*)
> How ever, i see to be KDE for windows is not very much developed
> at this time.. and would be very fine, if i have an KDE for my Win7
> or later .. i have see in Youtube different movie's where works well ..
> but, it's not so well to say, yes, it can install and move direktly the
> Explorer
> shell by side and overtake the Desktop and work
> (with one klick in the installer" as defaultShell for the user.
> would be fine, if works well and the KDE-Desktop overtrake's the
> Explorerdesktop fully as
> Default Desktop/Shell include konsole with cmd.
> Reactos it is an WinNT Compatible System and would be the NT-System vor
> manny
> of peoples if it's finish and usable to be able for use the Win95 and old
> WinNT-XP from the old times..
> in this view, would be very nice, if be KDE for WinNT be more updatet and
> imho, can you slowly testing the actual Builds
> https://www.reactos.org/de/getbuilds
> on compatibility of QT/your KDE-Desktop and make it maby more ready for
> install
> to MS WinNT as a fully Shellrepleacement.
> And Thank you for your Work in the last Years,
> i heave eve try out you versions ..
> but unfortunately was not on this step, where i can say, yes,
> easy install + easy usable + easy integrating as fully default desktop.
> it was any time a tinkering up to well usable as really well Desktop.
> and this is not good ..
> would be really grate, if in near time be more easily to use
> easy the KDE-Desktop in WindowsNT. with one klick -> Replace the
> Windows-Shell !
> for have an fully KDE-Desktop in WinNT.
KDE for Windows is *not* a shell replacement. You can't replace the task
bar and start menu with Plasma. It's only a port of KDE *Applications* to
run on Windows.

Apparently someone got Plasma to work on Windows (there is a video on
YouTube), but it appears in a standalone window. Replacing the Windows
Explorer shell involves a lot of work with private and undocumented Windows
APIs. I don't think anyone is interested in doing that work.

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