KDE + Reactos

Blackcrack blackcrack at blackysgate.de
Sun Jul 5 08:15:28 UTC 2015

Hi Peoples,

did you know to be KDE4Win now in the AppManager of Reactos ?
on start ask someone me, hey, should we developing KDE for Windows
loud or in the background.. so direcktly, try to ask if it's well to try 
KDE direcktly in Reactos..
(this was the time where i was personally an bit to much involved in 
and was an bit more troubles as is would be well *g* no matter *g*)
How ever, i see to be KDE for windows is not very much developed
at this time.. and would be very fine, if i have an KDE for my Win7
or later .. i have see in Youtube different movie's where works well ..
but, it's not so well to say, yes, it can install and move direktly the 
shell by side and overtake the Desktop and work
(with one klick in the installer" as defaultShell for the user.
would be fine, if works well and the KDE-Desktop overtrake's the 
Explorerdesktop fully as
Default Desktop/Shell include konsole with cmd.

Reactos it is an WinNT Compatible System and would be the NT-System vor 
of peoples if it's finish and usable to be able for use the Win95 and 
old WinNT-XP from the old times..

in this view, would be very nice, if be KDE for WinNT be more updatet and
imho, can you slowly testing the actual Builds 
on compatibility of QT/your KDE-Desktop and make it maby more ready for 
to MS WinNT as a fully Shellrepleacement.

And Thank you for your Work in the last Years,
i heave eve try out you versions ..
but unfortunately was not on this step, where i can say, yes,
easy install + easy usable + easy integrating as fully default desktop.
it was any time a tinkering up to well usable as really well Desktop.
and this is not good ..
would be really grate, if in near time be more easily to use
easy the KDE-Desktop in WindowsNT. with one klick -> Replace the 
Windows-Shell !
for have an fully KDE-Desktop in WinNT.

you are have done a great Job up to now !
keep it up and make it more better,
     You are can do it !
  it's a Great project !

best regards and thank you very much !

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