Review Request 124839: Fix build with MSVC 2015.

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Thu Aug 20 14:36:30 UTC 2015

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Review request for kdewin.

Repository: kdewin


The `<../include/file.h>` trick was used to include the real file.h from MSVC runtime. With MSVC 2015 the directory holding these headers was renamed from "include" to "ucrt".


  src/math/math.c ba39ba8 
  include/msvc/time.h 788bda0 
  include/msvc/wchar.h c7c0778 
  include/msvc/sys/types.h 056cd64 
  include/msvc/sys/stat.h e692380 
  include/msvc/stdlib.h 01b8981 
  include/msvc/string.h 5d0cf67 
  include/msvc/stdio.h c73c878 
  include/msvc/signal.h 58d23b2 
  include/msvc/fcntl.h 51e01f6 
  include/msvc/math.h 8f4f4a9 
  include/msvc/errno.h f11f259 
  include/msvc/ctype.h 8dbc8c3 



emerge --compile kdewin


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