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Fri Mar 9 08:16:03 UTC 2012


Am Mittwoch 07 März 2012 16:05:58 schrieb Antoan Bekele:
> Hello folks,
> I am new to linux and KDE,  and decided to install KDE Windows as I am
> really interested semantic web technologies (knowledge engineering, machine
> learning, ontologies, personal info systems) and want to play with Nepomuk.
> Here is a list of some questions currently on my mind:
> * Is Nepomuk fully featured on KDE-Windows or do I need something like full
> blown Linux install like Kubuntu, to 'feel the power' of the system.
No Nepomuk is currently not even availabe for KDE-Windows 4.8.x we have some 
problems with the build and are hoping that someone does the work to check 
it / debug it for our next releases (Volunteers welcome ;) ) 
> * What user centric (non dev) tutorials/getting started  are available  out
> there for newbies in my predisposition?
Wrt to Nepomuk wrt. to kde-windows


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