Testable KDEPIM Software for Windows

Andre Heinecke aheinecke at intevation.de
Wed Mar 30 18:15:12 CEST 2011

thanks for the great feedback.

At Mittwoch, 30. März 2011 16:20:01 Romain Pokrzywka wrote:
> - The account wizard should be run automatically on first run or after the
> installer has completed, and there should be a shortcut to it in the
> windows menu (didn't try the desktop shortcuts, maybe it's there)

Do you know if this is configurable already? Like packaging some firstrunrc? I 
would also like to do this.

> - I ran the wizard for a kolab proxy type account. I had trouble during
> setup, when kwallet was popping up: by the time I was done setting kwallet
> the wizard log had an entry "password entry timed out" and the identity and
> settings were removed. After re-running the wizard (and hurrying up :) )
> things got saved properly.
Mh ok i have to admit in my testing setups i always either do not use kwallet 
or just use an 123 kind of password ;)

> - Nepomuk server is still automatically started, but the initialization
> fails due to no backend. However the resources and server processes are
> still there. We should disable those by default (maybe have an option to
> enable them in kontact or akonadiconsole)
Actually this was added a bit in the last second, after trying a Nepomuk free 
setup i've packaged virtuoso in the way it was done before. Today i've 
investigated a bit and found out that Soprano check the wrong directories for 
it's backend.
When you copy the .desktop files from share/soprano/plugins to bin/soprano 
virtuoso gets started. I will push a patch for this asap.

> - I'm afraid there are still hangs in Akonadi while fetching mails : this
> is the same issue we've been facing forever, including on WinCE : sometimes
> akonadi starts hanging while fetching collections. It'll hang for about 30
> seconds, then continue fetching a bit more (more debug output in the
> akonadiconsole debug view), then hang again for about 30 seconds, then
> continue a bit more, and so on...
Yes i've noticed those too but not very often. We need to investigate further 
where it hangs, have you seen this on mysql before?

> - Eventually I got a full sync, and I could start viewing mails in Kontact.
> I got akonadiserver crashes everytime I tried viewing a mail with an S/MIME
> signature. This might be an intereference with the gpgagent running for my
> e4 setup though, so don't necessarily take this into account (I haven't
> tried on a clean start).
Crytpo testing / debugging is still on my todo. The libgpgme packaged is 
pretty old and might be incompatible with trunk kleo since there were some 
changes/fixes made during the wince port.
> - When checking out the resources list in akonadiconsole, I noticed
> duplicates for the notes, calendar and contacts resources (this issue has
> been there for a while). This might be due to my first accountwizard
> attempt failing due to the password timeout.
I have not seen those for quite some time, the migrators had the tendency to 
do this before i've turned them off. But there still might be a race 
condition during firstrun which we also saw on WinCE.
( https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=266479 )

> One final question : so in this release Akonadi uses sqlite as the backend
> ? I didn't see any mysql process running so I assume so. The akonadi
> configuration page was somewhat broken, not showing the backend in the
> combo list (I guess because sqlite isn't listed in there).
Yes we use sqlite3 since several problems i've experienced last summer came 
from problems with mysql on windows and we've seen sqlite perform well and 
stable enough on the mobile platforms.

> Oh and it seems that the package is a release build only. Maybe we should
> make it ReleaseWithDebugSymbols instead ? This would make crash reporting
> and more complete, so we can at least get a usable stacktrace.
Yes, i've thought about this too, and will most likely change it for future 
versions if the size increase stays reasonable ~30% or so.
Best way would of course be some archive with the debug symbols that you could 
install after kontact.

> Anyway, looks promising, great work so far!
> I'll make sure to show it off at Camp KDE next week ;)
Thanks :D


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