Testable KDEPIM Software for Windows

Romain Pokrzywka romain.pokrzywka at kdab.com
Tue Mar 29 19:31:59 CEST 2011

Cool, thanks for that !

Just a quick question before I try it out : Is the version self-contained within the installation dir ? Or does it uses 
the standard user dir for settings and config ?
I have a stable e4 kontact which I use as my work email client, so I don't want to is to get messed up in case the RC 
wipes the existing settings and/or data. Is it safe by default, or do I need to adjust something first ? Or am I doomed 
? :)


On Tuesday 29 March 2011 08:21:40 Andre Heinecke wrote:
> Hi,
> as previously announced we have created a Package of KDEPIM Software for MS
> Windows called "Kolab Enterprise 5 Client - Rough Cut Edition" a Version
> can be downloaded from files.kolab.org [1]. This Version is based on KDE
> 4.6. and kdepim / kdepimlibs from the git master branch. So it is basically
> what we will also see in the KDE-Windows 4.6 release.
> There are automatic builds set up which continously build the latest
> changes as snapshots the build status is reported at our "saegewerk" [2]
> and the snapshots can also be downloaded from files.kolab.org [3]. Due to
> utilizing parrallel.py in emerge our turnaround from commit to package
> (completly clean build) is less then three hours, if the build is not
> broken.
> When installing this Package, please note that our packaging (single NSIS
> installer) is incompatible with the KDE-Windows packaging. So please do not
> install it into an existing KDE root directory!
> If you want to help please check out and contribute to the wiki page. [4]
> Any feedback is also appreciated. And of course if you are able, just go
> ahead and fix the bugs ;)
> This is still an experimental (Rough Cut) version with several known issues
> and should not be considered production ready.
> Regards,
> Andre
> [1]
> http://files.kolab.org/local/windows/kolab-enterprise5/experimental/2011-03
>-09-12-58/Kolab-E5RC-2011-03-09-12-58.exe [2]
> http://saegewerk.wald.intevation.org/emerges/status.py?p=kdepim-e5-package
> [3] http://files.kolab.org/local/windows/kolab-enterprise5/snapshots/ [4]
> http://techbase.kde.org/Projects/PIM/MS_Windows

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