pykde on Windows

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Tue Mar 15 00:48:23 CET 2011


when compiling pykde on Windows, I am getting errors because
features are not available

Example: Display not defined

the pyqt4 windows port from riverbank does:

%If (WS_X11)
    QApplication(Display *display, Qt::HANDLE visual = 0, Qt::HANDLE colormap = 0) /PostHook=__pyQtQAppHook__/;

so I guess I could do the same in pykde with all places where
Display can be found. Same for other things like kpty not 

I do not really want to generate a patch for the sip files for pykde/windows
compilation (it would have to be maintained...), I rather want those changes
to go into pykde itself. 

But the pykde sip files are autogenerated with preSip / twine / twine2
(all of them seem to be used). So I suppose those generators are the
right place for this work. What is the status of those programs, and
is there any hope somebody would make those changes? Maybe

For now I will try how far I can get with patching those %If 
into the sip files.

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