automoc4 crash, where does N:\lib path comes from, and kdewind for msvc

Николай Шафоростов shafff at
Sun Feb 20 23:12:29 CET 2011

> You could rather use our static build:
i adjusted accordingly

> > then during cmake stage for kdeutils it didnt want to find kdewin library because in FindKDEWin.cmake contains these lines:
> > if (MSVC_IDE )
> > set (LIBRARY_NAME "kdewind")
> > endif (MSVC_IDE)
I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough.
The problem is that these lines override kdewin/kdewind value that is chosen based on CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE in the previous lines  of cmake file.

This means that those lines make cmake look for kdewind.lib no matter what build type is used.
And it failed because there was no kdewind.lib (no debug packages are available), only kdewin.lib which is installed by kdewin package.

For me the fix would be to remove those lines. Are there any objections for this?

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