Review Request: utils / manifests: Cleanup, fixes

Wolfgang Rohdewald wolfgang at
Sat Feb 19 15:58:14 CET 2011

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Review request for kde-windows.


It happened to me that a manifest file did not exist when emerge tried to open it and emerge died, so I looked closer at this code.

After some refactoring, this is fixed. Also:

- removing code duplication: less source code
- more complete docstrings
- if a manifest file appears twice in *.mft, emerge tried to delete it twice, so it
  logged a warning about a missing file. Fixed.
- in the same situation, if one of the entries had a hash and the other not, the hash
  was not checked before deleting. Now it is.

those 2 problems happen with dev-util/uactools, unmerging this will now result in a
warning that uactools-20101219-bin.mft has a wrong hash (which it has).


  /trunk/kdesupport/emerge/bin/ 1221559 





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