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Fri Aug 26 10:07:12 UTC 2011


On Friday 26 August 2011 11:06:11 Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> Am 26.08.2011 10:52, schrieb Cristian Oneț:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm experiencing a runtime error with the current gpgme version. A
> > good way to reproduce this is to start KMyMoney go to Tools->Settings
> > or simply call these functions
> > GpgME::initializeLibrary();GpgME::checkEngine(GpgME::OpenPGP); from
> > any application. I've tested this with a version built by me with msvc
> > 2010. Does gpgme work in kdepim?
> Hm, no, this is also the problem why we need to repackage kdepim (to
> disable that).
I've added the patch to kdepim to disable the crypto functionality.
Any help debugging this problem with gpgme would be really appreciated, I am a 
bit out of my depth here. I did a bit of debugging on this:

Maybe someone can help here so that we can get a better and more qualified 


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