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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at
Fri Sep 10 08:56:44 CEST 2010

2010/9/10 Ralf Habacker <ralf.habacker at>:
>  Am 10.09.2010 00:16, schrieb Francis Corvin:
>> Hello,
>> Ralf Habacker's message just prompted me to check if the Windows
>> installer had been updated since 4.4.0. It hasn't, which is an
>> unfortunate change from previous updates --- for instance the last
>> two versions were updated one week after the Unix version.
> I like to clarify several things:
> 1. The installer and KDE releases are two independent things.
> 2. The last stable kde version is 4.4.4 see
> 3. There are also unstable and nightly releases of kde, so if one
> package isn't available in the stable there is a change that a package
> is in a  unstable or in a nightly release.
> 4. If a dedicated application is missing in one release this is probably
> because the related application isn't compilable or have some major
> runtime problems.
> 5. If a dedicated application isn't compilable, noone cares about that
> the dedicated application is compilable and do not have major runtime
> problems.
> 6. if noone cares about that a dedicated application is compilable,
> packagers are not able to build a binary package of a dedicated
> application.
> 7. It is not the job of a packager to make sure that a dedicated
> application is compilable, it is the job of an application maintainer.
> 8. If an application isn't compilable, there is probably no application
> maintainer for a dedicated application.
> shows an (probably outdated) list
> of maintainers.
> 9. Application maintainer can check the dashboard on
> about the
> compilation state of kde related packages in trunk. (I guess this could
> be extended to the production branch too from which unstable and stable
> releases are build)
> Now I come to digikam in special:
> 1. I see no digikam application maintainer for windows

There is one : ME (:=)))

> 2. there is no - at least - nigthly release of digikam because digikam
> is still not compilable - see

This is not true. Exiv2 + libkexiv2 + libkipi + libkdcraw + libksane +
kipi-plugins + digiKam from trunk compile fine and run there.

> I guess to have additional kde releases it is important
> 1. to have dedicated application maintainer(s) who care about that a
> dedicated application or package is compilable and usable.

Yes, i do it.

> 2. to extend the dashboard with the latest production branch so that
> maintainers can follow the state of unstable and stable packages too.
> 3. It would be nice to extend the dashboard with an rss feed or package
> based email notification so that application maintainers are able to
> follow the compilation state of a specific package.

I agree with that. Set me as maintainer under Windows.


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