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What would be difference between this and using the -j parameter on

2010/10/1, Patrick Spendrin <ps_ml at>:
> Hi everybody,
> just a small information email:
> Yesterday I tried out how much work would be needed to make jom also
> accept (CMake) Makefiles for Mingw. And it turned out that the work was
> so minimal, that even making it build using the mingw compilers was more
> work. So I put all my work into a repo and send a merge request today.
> You can try it out by simply building emerge --target=mingw jom-pkg.
> Please be aware that until we have a static binary including the
> changes, you cannot compile Qt and its dependencies(dbus and openssl)
> with it. Another issue we have hit is that jom -e doesn't seem to work
> correctly, but we're working on fixing that.
> happy hacking & regards,
> Patrick
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