emerge warning: already installed kde-4.5/kdepim-20080202

Gert Kello gert.kello at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 19:30:58 CET 2010

>>> I have prefix = NULL in the sqlite database. Perhaps You need to do
>>> prefix IS NULL instead of prefix = ''
>> Hm, I have fixed it in a different way now:
>> Can you please del %KDEROOT%\etc\portage\install.db and try again
>> (before that, update emerge to revision 1200999)?
> Yes, now it worked fine.

There seem to be some problems with this new database...
The following packages did end in install text file:
but some did get written into sqlite:

(seems like the kdepimlibs did get unmerged by emerge --update kdepim
- while I was still using the old, non-sqlite install data)


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