using msvc2010 as a compiler

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Wed Nov 10 08:45:00 CET 2010

> Hi,
> Yesterday was trying to rebuild my KDE on Windows sandbox since I've
> changed my virtual machine from an XP with msvc2008 to a Windows 7
> with msvc2010. At first I was getting a link error while building
> strigi. Fixed that by installing win_iconv explicitly (wrong
> dependency). Then kdelibs built just fine until the documentation
> generation step. That was when xmlint.exe and meinproc4.exe crashed
> with and access violation error.
> I'm suspecting that this is happening because I have mixed msvc2008
> binaries (that came from win32libs-bin) with msvc2010 binaries (that I
> compiled and linked against the msvc2008 binaries). I'm trying to
> prove this by using EMERGE_SOURCEONLY=True and unmerging all
> win32libs-bin packages. This will take a while on my virtual machine
> so I though I start a discussion about this since maybe someone knows
> more and can confirm/infirm what I've just said. Debugging the exes
> showed that the crash was somewhere in the exe initialization code for
> xmlint and when accessing libmxml2 in case of meinproc4.
> AFAIK msvc2010 has a new standard libs implementation so I don't know
> how much binary compatibility is between the two compilers. Plus I saw
> yesterday on IRC that someone else was having the same problem
> (xmlit.exe crashing).
> Any ideas?
It works fine with source-only pakets on my system.

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