using msvc2010 as a compiler

Cristian Oneţ onet.cristian at
Wed Nov 10 08:31:44 CET 2010


Yesterday was trying to rebuild my KDE on Windows sandbox since I've
changed my virtual machine from an XP with msvc2008 to a Windows 7
with msvc2010. At first I was getting a link error while building
strigi. Fixed that by installing win_iconv explicitly (wrong
dependency). Then kdelibs built just fine until the documentation
generation step. That was when xmlint.exe and meinproc4.exe crashed
with and access violation error.

I'm suspecting that this is happening because I have mixed msvc2008
binaries (that came from win32libs-bin) with msvc2010 binaries (that I
compiled and linked against the msvc2008 binaries). I'm trying to
prove this by using EMERGE_SOURCEONLY=True and unmerging all
win32libs-bin packages. This will take a while on my virtual machine
so I though I start a discussion about this since maybe someone knows
more and can confirm/infirm what I've just said. Debugging the exes
showed that the crash was somewhere in the exe initialization code for
xmlint and when accessing libmxml2 in case of meinproc4.

AFAIK msvc2010 has a new standard libs implementation so I don't know
how much binary compatibility is between the two compilers. Plus I saw
yesterday on IRC that someone else was having the same problem
(xmlit.exe crashing).

Any ideas?

Cristian Oneţ

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