Rant: So you want help?

Alf Gaida info at g-com.eu
Sat Nov 6 06:35:48 CET 2010

I like the idea. It would solve several problems. From this kind of base 
anyone can do work on his own ideas and packages. I think the number of fixed 
packages would increase a lot, because every package build on a base like this 
fulfill the needs of the packager in the first time and the hole project too.
Severall people with several interests will build several more packages ;)

Am Samstag 06 November 2010, 01:57:54 schrieb Andrius da Costa Ribas:
> A "default" flow and an "Advanced..." button on the installer can
> solve the problems some people here are pointing (altough I don't see
> it as a problem at all).
> I have something else in mind... but I'm not sure if it is a good idea
> or an unreachable reverie, here it is:
> - having an installer for the core components (kdelibs etc..)
> - having a port of kpackagekit with a packagekit backend based in our
> text-based installer (or even emerge) - kpackagekit would be also got
> from the "core" installer.
> - "channels" could then be configurable, in a similar way of apt's
> sources.list, then when a release has not all of its packages it would
> lie on "incomplete" channel, so it would be easier to package in a
> collaborative way, as opposite to currently having to package
> everything at once for one release. A regular channel would be
> provided for end-users. This would also facilitate adding third-party
> apps and libs.
> I hadn't looked at packagekit's source yet so I have no idea if it is
> easy or impossible to port (I've only seen we'd need a dummy polkit)
> but maybe this can make other ideas appear :) - maybe it's time to
> brainstorm
> (typing from mobile is horrible :( )

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