Long paths, hitting MAX_PATH limit of 260 chars

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Wed May 13 19:05:56 CEST 2009

Speaking from a Windows Programming (not Qt or KDE programming) POV...

It depends on what you want to do. Any API that can only work with a C-string (char*) will hit the 260 character limit.

Any API that you can also (or only) use a Unicode string will be able to get around that limit by using Unicode version of the string with \\?\ prefixed.
It still has a limit - of 32k instead of 260 characters - but should be (at least for the time being) hard to reach. That limit is built into the NT kernel.

Just 2 cents...


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Subject: Long paths, hitting MAX_PATH limit of 260 chars

Windows seems to have a limit of 260 chars in a paths
and with Kontact's imap cache we are hitting the limit if there are too many 
subfolder. I am wondering if these limits are hit by other components
as well and if using the extended-paths of windows, starting 
with "\\?\" would be a solution to the problem.

Technical details and hints about the problem we've hit:
https://www.intevation.de/roundup/kolab/issue3582 (Errors with too 
long/reserved/case-sensitive file names)
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