QT_INSTALL_DIR, KDELibsDependencies.cmake and flexible install location of Qt

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Thu Dec 31 18:07:12 CET 2009

On Thursday 31 December 2009, Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> > Can you please give the attached patch a try ?
> > It creates imported targets for the Qt libraries in FindQt4.cmake, so
> > they can have the correct release/debug versions for the different
> > buildtypes, and the location of the Qt libs is resolved at
> > user-cmake-time.
> > I have successfully built kdelibs and kdeutils with it.
> >
> > Also please have a look at the generated KDELibs4LibraryTargets*.cmake
> > files and let me know if you see any issues.
> No, doesn't work at least in a debug build; error is
> Qt4__QTCORE-NOTFOUND - anything I can send you for debugging?

not today, will have a look at it (and add some debugging output) tomorrow.


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