Installing under Win2k SP4

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Sun Sep 28 19:53:06 CEST 2008

Thanks! It's installing now!


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Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
> BRM schrieb:
>> I haven't seen any replies to this, so please let me clarify -
>> I have a system Win2k SP4 that I would really like to get KDE 
>> installed on.
>> I had tried the batch building method before, but was unable to get 
>> it work at the time; I noticed the KDE Windows Installer package and 
>> the support for "Windows 2000", and downloaded it; but have been 
>> unable to get even the very first dialog box to come up for some reason.
>> I do have MSVC++ 2005 Express installed and use it regularly on the 
>> same system.
>> While I do develop - and have written several installer packages 
>> myself - I have not seen this specific issue before. Usually a 
>> message comes up - saying that it requires a newer version of the MSI 
>> system, or that the OS isn't supported, or something else.
>> I have tried this as both my own normal user (power user group; by 
>> running a command-line shell as the administrative user - works for 
>> installing most everything) and as the administrative user 
>> (administrator group), but have been unable to get it to work.
>> If there is any more information needed, please let me know and I 
>> will happily get it to you as soon as I can - either on or off list.
>> Any tips, etc. on how to get the KDE Windows Installer working would 
>> be greatly appreciated.
> I fixed an issue in the installer (a WinXP-only function was used) 
> some days ago but did not build a new executable. Ralf can you plz 
> create a new one?
There is a new release 0.9.3-2 available containing this patch.


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