compiling KDE with emerge (under WINE)

Saro Engels ps_ml at
Wed Oct 24 14:28:43 CEST 2007

Marcel Partap schrieb:
> well even just emerge kdebase does not work. I just resynced to try again -> no go. Before it complained that the
> installed db file was non-existant, well I created that. Now it doesn't even give a proper error:
>> emerge doExec called opts:
>> file: C:\kde\root\emerge\portage\kde\kdebase\
>> commandstring python C:\kde\root\emerge\portage\kde\kdebase\ fetch
>> fatal error: package kde/kdebase- all failed
> that comes up for all packages when doing emerge kdebase. What can i do to find out where the problem lies?
> regards marcel

1) Do you have the _windows_ version of python installed which 
understands windows paths (That is probably a requirement)?
(for checking run:
 >>> import os; os.listdir('C:\\')
if that doesn't lead to errors, you have it installed )
2) If you have python installed as stated above run:
C:\>windows_python C:\kde\root\emerge\bin\ --fetch wget
and tell which errors show up.
3) post 'diff -c C:\kde\root\etc\kdesettings.bat 
C:\kde\root\emerge\kdesettings-example.bat' in the next mail.

greetings SE

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