install location of dll's

Saro Engels ps_ml at
Thu Oct 18 00:50:48 CEST 2007

hi all,
today I tried to fix a small error in kstars when I got aware that all 
the kdeedu apps were installing their dll's to the /lib folder.
This is no problem currently since I use the 
all-into-one-root-directory-layout and have /lib in my path as well; 
IIRC they should go to /bin instead though - so I made up a patch for 
all libraries now.

_After_ I committed the patch I had a short look into kdelibs, 
kdepimlibs (where you find the dll's where they should go to) and 
kdebase where they stayed in /lib.

My question now is: did we changed our policy?
If no, I will probably look for the rest tomorrow.


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