compiling KDE with emerge (under WINE)

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Tue Oct 16 20:42:16 CEST 2007

Hi there,
so to ask again, how do I proceed with this after setting everything up? I tried and this was the result:
C:\kde\root\emerge\bin>emerge -p --full-package kdewin32
C:\kde\root\emerge\bin>echo emerge.bat executed
emerge.bat executed
C:\kde\root\emerge\bin>python C:\kde\root\emerge\bin\ -p --full-package kdewin32
buildaction: full-package
doPretend: True
packagename kdewin32
KDEROOT: C:\kde\root
getCategory: kdewin32
found: kdesupport kdewin32
getNewestVersion: kdesupport kdewin32
deplines: ['virtual/base']
getNewestVersion: virtual base
mydeps: [['virtual', 'base', '0.2']]
deplines: ['dev-util/cmake', 'dev-util/perl', 'dev-util/subversion', 'dev-util/win32libs', 'gnuwin32/patch',
'gnuwin32/sed', 'gnuwin32/wget']
getNewestVersion: dev-util cmake
getNewestVersion: dev-util perl
getNewestVersion: dev-util subversion
getNewestVersion: dev-util win32libs
getNewestVersion: gnuwin32 patch
getNewestVersion: gnuwin32 sed
getNewestVersion: gnuwin32 wget
mydeps: [['dev-util', 'cmake', '2.4.7'], ['dev-util', 'perl', ''], ['dev-util', 'subversion', '1.4.3'],
['dev-util', 'win32libs', '20071005'], ['gnuwin32', 'patch', ''], ['gnuwin32', 'sed', '4.1.4'], ['gnuwin32',
'wget', '1.10.1']]
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplines: []
mydeps: []
deplist: [['kdesupport', 'kdewin32', ''], ['virtual', 'base', '0.2'], ['dev-util', 'cmake', '2.4.7'],
['dev-util', 'perl', ''], ['dev-util', 'subversion', '1.4.3'], ['dev-util', 'win32libs', '20071005'],
['gnuwin32', 'patch', ''], ['gnuwin32', 'sed', '4.1.4'], ['gnuwin32', 'wget', '1.10.1']]
emerge handlePackage called: kdesupport kdewin32 full-package
emerge doExec called opts:
file: C:\kde\root\emerge\portage\kdesupport\kdewin32\
commandstring python C:\kde\root\emerge\portage\kdesupport\kdewin32\ fetch
There is nothing compiling. Nothing happens. And also the emerge tool has the same name as the Gento0 one, it obviously
is something totally different, and not only the usage. So how would I proceed?
regards marcel

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