Error building kdelibs openssl

Saro Engels ps_ml at
Mon Oct 15 23:26:26 CEST 2007

I get the following error when building the current kdelibs:
Linking CXX shared module ../../bin/kcm_crypto.dll
Cannot export ⌂SSLEAY32_NULL_THUNK_DATA: symbol not found

The problem is that there cmake uses the wrong debug version of the 
'ssleay32.dll.a' - which should be the file itself. cmake instead uses 
'ssleay32MDd.lib' which is definitely wrong.
The workaround is to just copy the ssleay32.dll.a and rename the copy to 

I don't know how this behaviour should be changed - either by adding a 
second file into the packages or by changing cmakes behaviour.

(this is just to make this searchable with google)


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