is having problems

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Sat Oct 13 18:17:48 CEST 2007

David Joyner schrieb:
> Trying to access anything on
> or
> is hanging on all downloads -- making it very difficult to get the
> dependencies for kde windows.
> Anyone else having this problem?
Are you using a proxy ?

I encountered this problem too when I use a proxy to connect to the 
download web site. I already investigated some time to find out where 
the problem is caused by and I believe there must be something wrong in 
the providers http proxy configuration (The proxy returns a timeout when 
connecting to the server). I have already opened a support request to 
the related provider. Hope they could find the problem soon.

In the meantime you may try

We would place the packages also on the kde mirrors, but unfortunally 
the kde upload account we have gotten, does not work and a support 
request wasn't answered until now.  -(


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