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Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at
Thu May 31 22:06:36 CEST 2007

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> On 31.05.07 19:59:28, Christian Ehrlicher wrote:
>> Andreas Pakulat schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'd like to know wether the new boost-headers package was created by
>>> just copying the headers or did you actually achieve building parts of
>>> boost on windows?
>>> Andreas
>>> PS: Reason is simply that a plugin from KDevelop depends on the boost
>>> serialization library and that part of the plugin can't be refactored to
>>> use Qt.
>> I built boost and did a 'make install'. All with mingw. But the installation 
>> was ~1GB -> I suggest to just deliver the one lib you need :)
> Did you build in debug mode? Those libs are extremely huge in debug
> mode, much much smaller in release mode. Also I think you don't need to
> ship the non-mt libs, those are for non-multithreaded apps. I need
> boost_serialization and boost_threads
> Andreas

if you prefer a more familiarly build system:

svn co


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