KDEWIN installer binary package Howto

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at freenet.de
Thu May 3 22:28:31 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I like to inform how simple it is to build binary package for the kdewin 

1. Download  recent kdewin packager from 
2. install compiled package on the local computer
3. run kdewin packager to create binary packages

     kdewin-packager-x.y.z.exe  -name <packagename> -version <x.y.z> 
-type <build type> -root <package installl root> -srcroot <source root> 
[-strip] [-complete]

                -name <packageName>
                -root <path to package files>
                -srcroot <path to source files>
                -srcexclude <patterns> path pattern to exclude from src 
                -version <package version>
                -strip <strip debug infos> (MinGW only)
                -notes <additional notes for manifest files>
                -type type of package (mingw, msvc) Don't specific -type 
for a combined package containing dll's and import libraries for mingw 
and msvc
                -destdir directory where to store the zip files to
                -complete also create all-in-one binary package with all 

4. Then upload the zip archives to  ftp://ftp.cegit.de/incoming or any 
other public web space of ftp server and send me a mail about this new 
package. I will move then the packages to the repository.

Building qt packages is a special case because the binaries lives inside 
the source tree. The packager has build in suppport for selecting the 
required files. Simple use the option -name qt  for example use the 
following line to build a mingw binary snapshot package from svn 
checkout on 2007-04-14.

     kdewin-packager-x.y.z.exe  -name qt -version 4.4.0-20070414svn 
-type mingw -root c:\qt-copy -strip -complete
If the package is build from a given source version use this version 
optional with a patch level '-x' appended  for example 1.3.4-5 for 
version 1.3.4 patch level 5.

After running thje above mentioned command you will have 5 packages in 
your current directory
qt-mingw-4.4.0-20070414-bin.zip  -> executables, dlls and config files
qt-mingw-4.4.0-20070414-lib.zip   -> include headers and import libraries
qt-mingw-4.4.0-20070414-doc.zip -> documentation
qt-mingw-4.4.0-20070414-src.zip  -> sources
qt-mingw-4.4.0-20070414.zip         -> contains all files from 
bin/lib/doc package

Building binary packages help new users to get faster into KDE on 
Windows development and helps user to concentrate to the really 
interesting KDE packages and I believe that if someone has already build 
a required package, creating and uploading binary package is a little 
additional step and will helps others very much.


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