FAQ a bit unclear (Windows Vista HP, KDE 4.0)

Saro Engels ps_ml at gmx.de
Tue Aug 28 10:44:48 CEST 2007

Gabriel Green schrieb:
> The instructions for compiling KDE4 have me dumbfounded.  The 
> directories the installer places things in bear no resemblance to the 
> instructions on the website.  Is this because it is outdated or because 
> I am missing something?
> For example, I have no directory called win32libs.  It seems to put 
> those libraries and executables in C:\KDE4\bin
> Also, does anyone have binary packages available to get me started?
> Thanks--
> Gabe
Ok, if you open up the installer and push the settings button to the 
bottom a screen will open up that shows you the settings -
You will find the Installation Root Path there, which is the path 
kdewin-installer installs all packages to (with subdirectories bin, lib, 
include, etc.).
Back in the installer main window, in the category kde you'll find some 
snapshots for mingw and none for msvc yet; be aware that you'll have to 
install nearly all of win32libs category as well.
I am not sure which site you're referring to but actually they might be 
a bit outdated - I will try to _correct_ them asap.
If you have some questions left you can as well have a look at irc: 
#kde-windows on freenode.net


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