Some ideas about the kdewin-installer

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Sun Aug 19 19:12:56 CEST 2007

Saro Engels schrieb:
> I just started helping in kde-windows some weeks ago, and since I don't 
> really know what to improve in kde's libraries and because I'd love to 
> have a package manager on windows, I decided to focus my efforts on 
> kdewin-installer.
> kdewin-installer is made up like the cygwin setup.exe which most of us 
> will know. I didn't found any roadmap for kdewin-installer so perhaps we 
> can make up something like that over here.
> Some features I would like to see in kdewin-installer:
> - A possibility to update packages; cygwin's setup.exe uses both a
>    local database which contains all the installed packages and on the
>    mirrors a database of the newest packages. kdewin-installer makes the
>    same but still has no update/reinstall feature implemented
this an open todo.
> - A possibility to view the files contained in an (installed) package;
>    this feature is missing in cygwin but is contained in YaST2 of
>    openSuSE etc.
kdewin-installer manages an installed package database in the 
<install-root>/manifest dir.
Either the package by itself contains two files identifing the package 
(packages from gnuwin32 and packages packaged with kdewin-packager) or 
if not the kdewin-installer will create this files on installing.

> - A possibility to add mirrors / to use a local package repository;
>    this is implemented in cygwin as well - and I am currently working on
>    the first issue, probably svn-up'ing it this weekend. 
I've tried your commit. It looks that the mirror url isn't used yet.

> The second issue
>    I might implement next (that would need at least to add a repository
>    database file).
currently all packages are downloaded into a specific download 
directory, from which the packages could be installed. What missing are 
some informations about which package belongs to which category.

> - the kdewin-installer should give a possibility to get to the package
>    page from the 'finished' page; that is quite an easy thing that I can
>    do very easily.
this would be good.
> - as someone told me in irc, proxies sometimes need a user and password;
>    we should provide those settings as well, even though one can import
>    those settings from the browser.
also welcome.

> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Some features that would be good to be implemented in future:
I will come to this topics later.


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