patch for kde windows installer

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Aug 8 22:32:16 CEST 2007

Saro Engels schrieb:
> Ralf Habacker schrieb:
>> Saro Engels schrieb:
>>> I have implemented two more functions for registry access: set- and 
>>> delWin32RegistryValue for the installer. If the maintainers of the 
>>> installer are satisfied with this patch, please check it into svn 
>>> since I have no svn-write-access.
>> applied. Thanks for your patch.
>>> my plans:
>>> As the installer should have the same functionality as a normal 
>>> installer-package (package-name.exe)I will implement functions to read 
>>> and write a package-info file for the installer next. 
>> I'm not sure I understand you. Do you mean that if you start the 
>> kdewin-installer the first time it will register itself in the win 
>> software repository  accessable by system settings and to be removed 
>> there or do you mean to register each package installed with the 
>> kdewin-installer ?
>> Ralf
> I originally thought that if the kdewin-installer uses zip packages 
> packaging would include a file (possibly a batch file) where the 
> kdewin-installer could read all registry keys etc. from. That would need 
> some kind of api to write each packages registry keys into the registry. 
> Right now my  favourite would be going away from simple zip files since 
> that would give the need to make up a new package format (like deb, rpm) 
> which had no real base on windows systems. 
The installer uses a zipfile format used by the well known gnuwin32 site
> I would prefer using a runtime-installer(nsis/inno) right now. We could use both then: 
> installing with kdewin-installer and installing without it. Since most 
> opensource programs already build such an installer, we could easily use 
> those packages as well (without repackaging efforts for us).
The strategy is to provide a working kde environment using the kdewin 
installer with all required dependencies. If the codebase has reached a 
usable stage, people are invited to provide stripped down packages using 
runtime-installers with single applications like kontact/kmail, kdevelop 
and so one.


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