patch for kde windows installer

Saro Engels ps_ml at
Wed Aug 8 15:33:34 CEST 2007

Ralf Habacker schrieb:
> Saro Engels schrieb:
>> I have implemented two more functions for registry access: set- and 
>> delWin32RegistryValue for the installer. If the maintainers of the 
>> installer are satisfied with this patch, please check it into svn 
>> since I have no svn-write-access.
> applied. Thanks for your patch.
>> my plans:
>> As the installer should have the same functionality as a normal 
>> installer-package (package-name.exe)I will implement functions to read 
>> and write a package-info file for the installer next. 
> I'm not sure I understand you. Do you mean that if you start the 
> kdewin-installer the first time it will register itself in the win 
> software repository  accessable by system settings and to be removed 
> there or do you mean to register each package installed with the 
> kdewin-installer ?
> Ralf
I originally thought that if the kdewin-installer uses zip packages 
packaging would include a file (possibly a batch file) where the 
kdewin-installer could read all registry keys etc. from. That would need 
some kind of api to write each packages registry keys into the registry. 
Right now my  favourite would be going away from simple zip files since 
that would give the need to make up a new package format (like deb, rpm) 
which had no real base on windows systems. I would prefer using a 
runtime-installer(nsis/inno) right now. We could use both then: 
installing with kdewin-installer and installing without it. Since most 
opensource programs already build such an installer, we could easily use 
those packages as well (without repackaging efforts for us).

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