Version beta of kaffeine.profile.xml for kremotecontrol

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Fri Aug 12 18:15:36 UTC 2011


I has finished the principal part of kaffeine profile for kremotecontrol.

But i have 2 questions: 

1) how to add a channel "1"  with QString ? a lot of test but nothing 
running... (it's the kaffeine-bad.profile.xml in the lzma)

2) How to give 2 button for one action ? you use "Back" in amarok, but my 
remote have a "Back/Exit" button... i would like to have a best profil for all.

I have reading this :

In the LZM you can find : - A little good "kaffeine.profile.xml" that's run fine 

                                        - A → BAD ← kaffeine-bad.profile.xml 
It's my Qstring probleme for choise the TV station number.
                                       - The profile.xsd where i have added 
somme buttons for my remote.

I use an hauppauge PVR. My card is an all in one hauppauge 4000 or 4400 

There is A snapshot about the Qsting for change to chan 1 in TV @ kaffeine
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