Tell me all of ktimer's secrets!

zahl+kde at zahl+kde at
Wed Apr 30 21:32:06 CEST 2008

>"very much" as in?

As in I know some C++, and have read through some KDE source code. I've 
compiled trunk and am running svn stuffs. It looks like this is a simple
enough application, that I could take lots of notes and figure out how it
works, and write some nice documentation in the process. As it doesn't seem
to have any right now. I would have to get an SVN account.

>KTimer is not registered at, should be changed of course. A

Who would I talk to for that? mattr? (I did indeed search for bugs first!)

>A perfect program to become maintainer, no reported bugs, no automatically
>found issues :)
>So why would you like to become maintainer? What are your plans with KTimer?
>Do you have bugs or issues you would like to fix?

I haven't found any bugs yet. Since we're already into freeze, I don't know that
there's much I /can/ do, although I'm told I can check to see how well it's 
ported. And if I come across any bugs, then fix them. :)

As to why:
It makes me nostalgic for the days I would play CDs via my crontab as a
morning wake-up alarm. I should be able to do this! I figure I can play around
with it more, and see if I like how it works. 

I'm not sure what I make of the UI, and I'm not sure who would actually use it. 
Maybe I can apply seele's usability thing to it, lol.



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