Introduction of myself, the module coordinator

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sun Apr 27 00:08:02 CEST 2008


half of you may not have had the chance to get to know why it was exactly me 
who did the call for maintainers for programs in KDE Utils, as I omitted that 
in the call. So please allow me to do it now:

I am the new coordinator of the module KDE Utils, recently inaugurated. The 
position was found to be vacant, when I asked for a review before the 
inclusion of my hex editor Okteta in this module, so the releaseteam yayed me 
into this position on first chance (after that I had to review Okteta myself, 
well... ;)

Like described on Techbase [TB] module coordinators perform the following 
* primary point of contact for the Release Team concerning issues with the 
*  help determine release schedules 
*  communicate release schedules with the module developers 
*  provide feedback from developers to the Release Team 
*  review new applications for inclusion in the module 
*  review old, unmaintained applications for removal from the modules and help 
find new maintainers 
*  review external dependencies for the module 
*  help set and review goals for major and feature releases 
*  help with release preparation (eg. update application version numbers) 

So in short it is me whom to push or hug for things related to releases, 
dependencies or whatever in this module. Don't hesitate to make use of that 
(besides the pushing, perhaps).


Some more background about me: slightly involved with KDE for many years, 
contributions have been besides booth staffing a binary editor widget (see 
interfaces in kdelibs and code in kdeutils/khexedit/{core,gui,parts}), the 
(sleeping) Khalkhi project and now Okteta. Went to the conferences Kastle and 
Dublin, looking to go to Belgium this year. Member of KDE e.V. . Drinking tea 
without sugar, coffee only with half milk and much sugar.


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