Thomas Gillespie tomjamesgillespie at googlemail.com
Tue Apr 22 23:42:08 CEST 2008


> KPowerSave (and other KDE3 programs) should still run also inside 
a KDE4
> based environment. Admitted, they won't be able to use Oxygen...

Yea, it makes them look ugly :-P

> An option might also be to take KPowerSave [KPS] and port that 
from KDE3 to
> KDE4 (first, should be quite easy) and HAL to Solid (might be the 
> test for Solid).

I think kpowersave would be a better option than klaptopdaemon, it 
seems more..... I don't know the word.... nice.

> You should best go  and ask it's author Danny Kukawka 
> what his plans are. Perhaps you could join forces or even overtake 
> him. For sure KDE Utils would be a good home for KPowerSave, too 

Yea I'd probably be best dropping danny an email, the qt4 port 
shouldnt be that difficult I dont think (throw the ui files at qdesigner :) 
), the solid port might be a bit more involved, but i suspect (and hope) 
that it will be more a case of throwing out redundant code and 
replacing it with cleaner solid code. Maybe we can improve solid as 
we go ;)



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