Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Tue Apr 22 22:49:22 CEST 2008

Hi Tom,

Am Dienstag, 22. April 2008, um 18:33 Uhr, schrieb Thomas Gillespie:
> I was thinking of looking at klaptopdaemon

Great :)

> (i used kpowersave in kde3 
> and miss it very much)

KPowerSave (and other KDE3 programs) should still run also inside a KDE4 based 
environment. Admitted, they won't be able to use Oxygen...

> but the code [klaptopdaemon] is about 10 years old and (imo) the 
> interface is rather ugly. Maybe a total rewrite would be a better option?

Hard to guess. Most rewrites get stuck, as they take a lot of time without any 
little successes, that refill one with energy. :)

Most motivation still comes from getting and keeping it running. So porting 
the hardware layer of klaptopdaemon to Solid might get you to the sun as 
early as possible, besides adaption to KDE4.

> The backend stuff is easy with solid, the hard bit is 'making it usable'.
> What are your thoughts?

Writing it using Solid would also help to refine Solid's API in that domain, 
perhaps even in time for KDE 4.1

An option might also be to take KPowerSave [KPS] and port that from KDE3 to 
KDE4 (first, should be quite easy) and HAL to Solid (might be the stress test 
for Solid).
You should best go  and ask it's author Danny Kukawka (dkukawka<->suse.de) 
what his plans are. Perhaps you could join forces or even overtake from him. 
For sure KDE Utils would be a good home for KPowerSave, too :)
Gives one fine translations, adaption to latest kdelibs pretty early, etc...

[KPS] http://freshmeat.net/projects/kpowersave


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