CLosing apps

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at
Mon Mar 16 18:17:30 CET 2009

On Monday 16 March 2009 17:26:57 Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> > Let's say we use
> > ctrl-q close appp
> > ctrl-w close doc
> Didn't we (meaning, kde-usability in general IIRC) agree this is
> *already* messed up? ;-)

a) it was concern close app vs. close window, not close doc vs. close 
b) I misguided you reusing the current shortcuts, sorry! 

Let's start over:

F44 -- close _this_ app (one instance)
F45 -- close doc

Forget about systrays too for a while :-)


a) okular with doc
b) two okulars with docs, inside GAI
c) two konq. inside TAI

ad.b) this is clear case -- multi _app_
ad.c) but this look like TDI, so for user each tab are rather docs, 
not apps

What happens?




For me intuitive is:

a.F44) close okular
a.F45) close ok. doc

b.F44) close okular
b.F45) close ok. doc

c.F44) close entire TAI container
c.F45) close each konq. (tab)

Intuitive -- because I am used to such behaviour. And probably not 
only me.

But this is not consistent unless we would say TAI is a special case 
(in a way it is -- it is the only container in which it is not 
possible to see all apps _by definition_).

The other solution would be providing F43 which would mean -- close 
entire container. If there is no container (parent=desktop) close the 
current app (behave like F44) (*). This would keep consistent UI at 
cost of breaking compatibility.

Is there the 3rd way or we choose compatibility or choose consistency?

With the choice of the two latter, I prefer consistency.


(*) we can treat every window as container, just SDI would be GAI 
container with no visual indicator and with only one app inside. If 
we agree that closing last app should close container it would be 
also more consistent.

PS. I think closing all instances of selected app is dangerous and 
confusing. But this is off-topic :-)

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