Faster grouping -- less clicks

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at
Thu Jul 9 09:41:19 CEST 2009

On Thursday 09 July 2009 08:48:04 Diego Moya wrote:

> > So is d&d enough for you? Because we definitely intend to have
> > d&d :-). (With also 'click group, click window' for those that
> > want/need it.)
> I'm OK with d&d. What worries me is the "two clicks for each
> grouping", that's one more click than needed for window IMO. It
> doubles the "group 8 windows to a container" scenario from 8 clicks
> to 16. 

In standard switcher we cannot reduce ctrl+LMB to just LMB. If user 
want to reduce, she/he trigger switcher like expose, when by 
definition overlapping does not occur.

But I am thinking about one feature more -- the checkbox 
[ ] do not close it after drop
in the hollow pane. Just thinking aloud! :-)

By default, unchecked, no change there. But if user would check it, it 
would mean, that with each drop, the pane does not disappear, and 
sequential adding is possible. Example.

1. run application for container + N applications + one application 
that should not be added (all overlapping)
2. on "main" app deco click "group"
3. check "do not close..."
5. ctrl+LMB N times

So we have 1+1+N*2 = (N+1)*2 clicks. Compared to w/o checkbox scenario 
with N*3. 

Of course when you add two apps it does not make sense to use the 
checkbox. But there could be some savings if you add more. And if you 
_additionally_ use non-overlapping switcher you could reduce the 
number of clicks to just N+2. And this number looks nice :-)


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