WM: grouping applications (TAI)

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at wp.pl
Wed Apr 29 20:45:45 CEST 2009

First of all apology on my side, it took so long to get to this mail.

On Monday 16 March 2009 22:39:07 Matthew Woehlke wrote:

> First off, my list of keys:
> wm-switch-window-{up,down,left,right}
> wm-switch-window-{previous,next}
> wm-switch-window-{previous,next}-historic
> wm-switch-window-{previous,next}-spatial
> wm-switch-window-desktop-{previous,next}
> wm-switch-window-global-{previous,next}

> Note there is no 'parent, child, cancel' etc as these are
> switcher-only; 

There is no explicit hierarchy navigation -- ok.

> I still think holding mod (we've been assuming 'win') should start
> the switcher; doing otherwise I think is a pretty radical change
> from current behavior, which is you always get the switcher.


> Once in the switcher, you should /always/ be able to go anywhere (I
> would say this includes any desktop, as "root" would be presented
> as having siblings for each desktop).


> I would generally say directional switch should default to wrapping
> (I think you agreed later), okay being an option, and spatial
> previous/next (and all non-spatial switching) should /always/ wrap.
> (You can't leave a container with container-scope keys, though,
> except by going to the parent in switcher.)

I put here two options. We already discussed how things are nice when 
with no limits, so I think such strong preference of wrapping is 

> I should mention, one thing I want - actually, is needed, I think -
> is app tells WM to open new window in new {tabbed,tiled} container
> beside some existing window. So from empty desktop, you start konq,
> you now have one window in root. Then you say 'I want another tab',
> konq asks WM to make new window in tabbed container with existing
> window, now you have root containing tab container containing 2x
> konq. If konq was already in e.g. tiled container, you'd get the
> new konq in tiled instead. (This also means you can click links and
> have them open other apps in tabs w/o having to play 'embed the
> app' :-).)

I totally agree.

> > [on 'should switcher always start']
> > Btw. this is already happening today. I switch tabs in Konq. by
> > ctrl+tab and I don't see any switcher.
> I think Firefox is already trying to change this :-). And I think
> it is a good thing; personally I'd prefer the preview of what I am
> switching to, especially with many tabs.

Ok. I think that with current design of NWI the switcher can be seen 
as a plugin -- you get the window, show it as you want. So we could 
configure switcher we would like to use in KDE, like themes, or 


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