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One solution would be creating another pair of find-something icons.

Currently the find next-prev actions shows arrows point up/down  
because we thought it was ok when looking for a string inside a text.  
In most cases you'll find next occurrence of that string some rows  

But I also see that the fact the next occurence appear up or down is  
just a case. In fact next occurence can also be in the same row, so  
in that case arrows pointing to left and right make sense.

Another situation when up/down arrows are better than left/right  
happen in Kmail. Current version has "find next unread message". The  
messages are shown as a list.

I think Kmail is using a wrong usage of icons. In fact you are not  
finding next occurance of something, but you are jumping to next  
unread message. Probably kmail action should need another action  
called show-next-unread (or something like that).

My solution:

find-next find-prev should be used for string based search only (as  
in a text editor, web page, or file search)
"next" should have an arrow pointing down.
"prev" should have an arrow pointing up.

kmail, need a different action icon that actually doesn't exist yet.

Right-to-left languages: the actions doesn't have to exchanged.  
that's way there's won't be any problem.


Il giorno 15/giu/07, alle ore 11:07, Ellen Reitmayr ha scritto:

> do either of you have a solution to this?
> ----------  Forwarded Message  ----------
> Subject: Icon usability issue
> Date: Friday 15 June 2007
> From: James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at acm.org>
> To: kde-usability-devel at kde.org
> While reading the code, and looking at the Oxygen icons I found an  
> issue
> that was only slightly related to what I was looking for.
> We have standard actions "find previous" and "find next".  The  
> icons for
> these two actions are exchanged when using right to left text.   
> Problem
> is that the Oxygen icons: "find-previous" & "find-next" point up and
> down.  Don't know of a simple solution to this since some icon  
> themes do
> have icons that point left and right.
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