Some questions

Frans Englich frans.englich at
Sun Feb 22 01:19:18 CET 2004

The revitalizing of KDE Usability(or what to call it) sounds.. interesting!

I have of course a heap of questions:

* Hm.. The archive is not yet up..?

* What person moderates the list? (except for the -owner?)

* Hired people will work on KDE's usability issues.. How many? From what 
company/ies? Fulltime/part time? Do we know them? :) What background does the 
companies have - what have they previously been working with?

* How will this (whatever one should call it :) affect how we work? What 
procedures will it mean?

* I have a little trouble distinguishing kde-usability and kde-usability-devel 
- what's the difference save moderation? When should I post to the former, 
and when the latter?

* Can usability work which people are doing right now clash with or be made 
obsolete by when this project really gets going? (When and with what? :)



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