Setting up a Quality Team within KDE

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Thu Apr 12 19:01:53 UTC 2012

On Sunday 08 April 2012, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El Diumenge, 8 d'abril de 2012, a les 17:13:54, Pau Garcia i Quiles va
> > I can tell you TestComplete's support for Qt is pretty limited. I have
> > not tested LDTP because we needed support for Windows and Linux for our
> > Qt projects.
> > 
> > Squish is the best tool we evaluated at work for Qt, it does support Qt
> > Quick and there is a company maintaining it (Froglogic, founded by KDE
> > developers and employing many KDE developers). A few more arguments
> > pro-Squish: it's cross-platform (which means we can run the same tests on
> > Linux, Windows, Mac and any other platform we support) and the
> > client-server architecture is very useful when testing client-server
> > applications, actual environments and/or using virtualization to run the
> > UI tests after each daily build.
> Did you guys ever try Testability? I've been using lately and works pretty
> well and has the added value of being Free Software.

We use Squish at work and it works well.

Beside that, there is a new project called QtTesting from Kitware which can be 
used kind of like Squish.

It's still very new, and I haven't tried it myself.
It's available for download here,;a=summary

Quoting Marcus:
"git clone git:// should get it, we use it as
a submodule in ParaView, and their is some documentation/an example in
the repository."

Maybe somebody wants to give it a try.


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