The ~/.cache/dconf situation

David Edmundson david at
Sun Feb 19 01:41:29 UTC 2012

I could reproduce this  every time, now I can't. So "sometimes"

However, the backtrace is all entirely within libdconf (and gio(!),
not from any code in telepathy-gabble, so I don't think reporting it
upstream is going to help much.

Relevant bit of code from dconf.

dconf_shmdir_from_environment (void)
  gchar *result;

  result = g_build_filename (g_get_user_runtime_dir (), "dconf", NULL);

  if (g_mkdir_with_parents (result, 0700) != 0)
    g_critical ("unable to create '%s'; dconf will not work properly.", result);

  return result;

I'm not sure anymore.

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