Setting sane defaults

Daniele E. Domenichelli daniele.domenichelli at
Fri Feb 17 16:50:44 UTC 2012

On 17/02/12 14:07, Martin Klapetek wrote:
> 3) Use KDE's Download dir for file transfer and remove this option from
> kcm. This was a suggestion and I personally have no strong feelings
> either way. The rationale is being that you already set Download dir in
> Account Details -> Paths, so it's quite redundant. Obviously you might
> want to save your FT files elsewhere so...I just don't know.

Actually I wasn't aware of KDE download folder, +1 about using it.
But personally, now that I know that it exists, I'd rather be able to 
choose whether to use that folder, or a custom one
Anyway it's not a big deal for me, so I'll leave the decision to you (or 
perhaps to the usability team).


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